Director of Live Experience


is a Los Angeles based three-piece indie rock band that tells the story of suburban youth through captivating live performances and industrial indie-pop anthems

The Beginning

In the Summer of 2017, I was recruited by the members of Moontower to support and enhance their live performances, and I have been enjoying the ride ever since. 

The Moontower musicians, (Jake, Dev, and Tom) are entering the world of live music with the simple philosophy:


From the beginning of my involvement, I was responsible for providing the “MORE” to their live shows, and bringing lofty dreams into tangible reality. 

    My Position

        Since joining the team, I work as
        Moontower’s Director of Live Experience

            This includes:
                   - Concept Ideation
                   - Stage Design  
                   - Stage Fabrication
                   - Lighting Design
                   - Show Automation
                   - Front of House Operations
                   - Tour Management

Designed and Fabricated:
       - Modular staging
       - Stage underlighting
       - Custom light totems
       - Environmental design
       - Optimization of equipment for touring

The Goal

There should be no reason you can’t book this band, and every reason you want to. 

We carry our own stage, sound, lighting, and promise of one of the most entertaining performances among indie rock bands.

I designed and built fully modular stage components to be able to scale our production to any sized stage or venue we might be playing, from living rooms to club venues and main stage at a music festival. Featuring six interlocking 4’ x 4’ stage segments with built-in DMX controlled underlighting, we can rearrange our staging to keep things fresh or fit the requirements of any room.

I am currently designing a new stage presentation that will hit the road with Moontower in Spring 2019 following their debut album release.