The Iovine and Young Academy

University of Southern California
Class of 2019

Founded in 2014 by music industry legends Jimmy Iovine and Andre Young (Dr. Dre), The Academy of Arts, Technology, and the Business of Innovation is dedicated to the intersection of design, engineering, business, and communications. In 2015, I was accepted through the Resident Honors Program at USC into the Iovine and Young Academy as one of 22 members of the second graduating class. 

“Conceived as an educational startup, the Academy is not just a home for disruptors but a disruptor itself. Its model is unique among higher education institutions, and though it is only four years old it is already achieving student outcomes that are garnering notice from higher education, research, big tech, and the creative industries. Academy students possess significant abilities as leaders, creatives, and cross-disciplinary team members that focus on high-level problem solving in areas as diverse as information systems, product development, human-centered design, social change, and the future of the arts, media and entertainment ecosystems.”

    - Erica Muhl, IYA Dean 

Below is a list of courses I’ve completed for my major, including program-specific core curriculum and custom developed emphases. 

Core Curriculum:

Rapid Visualization
Innovators Forum 
Disruptive Innovation
Case Studies of Disruptive Innovation
Digital Toolbox: Design
Digital Toolbox: 3D Design
Digital Toolbox: Motion Graphics
Digital Toolbox: Sound and Audio
Coding 1 & 2: Web
Discerning and Making 1 & 2
The Garage Experience

Emphasis 1
Experience Design:

Metal Working
Product Design 
Manufacturing Processes
3D Design: Materials and Tools
3D Design: Objects and Space
Creating and Understanding Visuals
Live Music Production and Promotion
Designing for Experiences
Music Festival Design

Emphasis 2
Creative Venture Management:

Founder’s Dilemmas
The Hacker Imagination
Marketing of Creative Disruption
Special Topics in Entrepreneurship:
        Gaming the System
Below are a few examples of some representative work completed through my course of study in the Iovine and Young Academy. 

Public installation of 27’ vinyl decal mural 

Concept design and public debut of a food truck


Handmade poured concrete concept furniture

An experiment in nomadic furniture design 

Bespoke Cyclery

Founded a custom
built bicycle studio