Bedside Table

3D Design Objects & Space
Iovine and Young Academy

Project Brief

In this project, a small team set out to explore the concept of ritual, and how the objects involved can shape the way we practice them on a day-do-day basis.

Our three-person team identified the bedside table as a highly ritualistic and nuanced object. Perhaps with the exception of your iPhone, it’s the last object you interact with before going to bed, and the first one you see when you wake up.

While I might drop my phone, wallet, keys, and watch on my nightstand as soon as I walk in my door, somebody else might meticulously lay each piece of jewelry out for the next day. It was key to design to accommodate a range of ritualistic human behaviors.

Our solution of various cantilevered shelves creates both platforms and nooks for storage of your essentials, while the minimal storage options ensure a clutter-free environment.

Weighing in at about 180lbs, this glass  reinforced hand-poured concrete bedside table will be sure to keep you grounded.

to Product

We began exploring functionality through concept sketches. We then experimented with useable form and strength of materials by testing our planned production process on small scale. 

After incorporating what we learned from the small scale, we designed our final mold and production process. 

Final Product

   - Cement  
   - Glass Fibers
   - Colored Dye
   - Chicken Wire
   - Sealant