Mira Labs // TED

Project Manager

Mira Labs is a Red Dot Award winning augmented reality company developing headsets and software
for scalable AR, powered by the smartphones we already carry every day. 

The Project

I was recruited as a Project Manager by Mira COO Matt Stern to lead a small team to develop an interactive experience to showcase their augmented reality headset at the 2018 TED Conference.

Mira Labs wanted the demo to focus on their ‘Hands Free Work Instruction’ feature, a tool that can provide real time
step-by-step instructions to complete tasks through a headset, replacing the need to divert attention away from the task at hand to a physical instruction manual or computer screen.

To best showcase this feature, we had three participants (fulfilling the roles of Musician, Electrical Engineer, and Chemist) each complete a seemingly complex and foreign task to create a unified team outcome: a sound reactive lava-lamp and accompanying soundtrack.